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18 February 2019


International Hoplology Society:

ICS YouTube Page:

Spartan Training Center Facebook Fan Page:!/pages/Spartan-Training-Center/97336943305?ref=ts

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP):

Tactical Tracking Operations School (TTOS):

1st Sergeant Mike Burke’s Personal Blog:

Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT):

Check out the PBS documentary "The Marines," which features an interview with Hunter B. Armstrong, available for purchase at To see an excerpt from the documentary about how hoplological principles were applied to the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, check out:


Training Equipment and Gear

Tsuwamono Concepts:
This is the clothing and equipment company tied to ICS. We are in the process of developing a line of clothing and equipment that brings a new edge of functionality to the world of “tactical” clothing.

The Purpleheart Armoury:
Purpleheart produces wooden training weapons of Europe and Asia, including the bayonet trainers (mokuju) used by the Marines and the ICS.

SORD: http:/
Special Operations Research and Development (S.O.R.D.) works closely with active operators to provide combatively functional gear. Also: