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24 January 2019

Spartan Training Center.

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The Spartan Training Center is a training and conditioning center that aims at increasing functional combative performance. The emphasis is both on physical conditioning and close-combat skills training that reflects the definition of what is spartan.


Interior of the Spartan Training Center.On the physical conditioning side, we stress "combat conditioning." This is physical training that is aimed at real world capability as opposed to the pop approach to fitness. While we use some weight training and aerobic type equipment, the emphasis is on exercises that are intended to maximize functional movement capability, particularly as it relates to high stress real world conditions. This is a direction that the United States Marine Corps is also looking at right now, due to the tremendous amount of feedback coming from the urban combat.


In combat, all three factors of aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, and explosive power are vital. Further, it is even more important to develop that endurance and power in a manner that applies directly to functional use. It is the real world of demands police officers, firefighters and military personnel that the Spartan Training Center focuses on. While this type of training has limited appeal to the general public, it can be of definite benefit to those whose professions deal with the stress of conflict or risk. To that end, the physical conditioning training we do is very flexible. The ability to press a weight stack on an exercise machine has little application to real world demands. So rather than working on big pecs or a heavy bench press, a we utilize a wide variety of movements to develop a more all around warrior type strength and endurance.


Obstacle Course.Likewise, the combat skills portion of our training is aimed at developing the flexible functionality that is demanded by combat. On the combat skills/performance side, the ICS personnel have been working in combat training with law enforcement and the Marine Corps for the past 10 years. As with Marine Corps close combat training, this has been an evolving process. As most professionals are aware, the general institutional approach to combat skills training is compartmentalization, meaning that specific skills are generally isolated and taught outside the context of their likely application. Typically, shooting skills are taught on a static range at regulated distance; defensive tactics or "empty hands" skills are taught separately while wearing protective equipment on padded floors; and arrest and control are with compliant subjects in comfortable environments. Unfortunately, little of the real world resembles those training conditions, and all too often a "defensive tactics" situation can quickly turn into firearm confrontation. These combat skills need to be addressed in as realistic and integrated manner as possible. This approach is the basis of training at the Spartan Training Center.


Obstacle Course.Unlike the typical institution, the human nervous system generally views the various aspects of confrontation as one thing-high stress conflict. The weapons will vary depending upon the context, but the physical and, more importantly, the nervous system's ability to deal with a situation is the foundation of success (or failure) in high stress confrontation. Training at the Spartan Training Center is both aimed at improving personal combat skills, but even more importantly, at training the mindset that allows the individual to function as effectively as possible in the high stress of a conflict situation. The overriding aim of the Spartan Training Center is to combine these types of training as much as possible. The less compartmentalized and the more integrated the training is-physical conditioning, skills, and mindset-the better an individual's capabilities will transfer to real world situations.


 Spartan Training Center Address:


Spartan Training Center

2070 Yavapai Dr

Sedona AZ 86336